• UN History Twitter Project

    Starting in April 2015, the UN History Project is tweeting the founding of the United Nations in real time - seventy years later. Experience the creation of the UN in real time by following us on Twitter!


    Project Participants

    Project Coordinator
    Dr. Heidi J. S. Tworek, Assistant Professor of International History, University of British Columbia

    Project Contributors
    David Allen, Graduate Student, Columbia University; Louis B. Amira, Harvard '11; Nathaniel Bernstein, Harvard, '17; Omar Garcia, Harvard '13; Callie Gilbert, Harvard '17, Alexander Solis, Harvard '16; Guillaume Wadia, Graduate Student, Harvard University

    Website Designer
    Dr Amy Price

    Academic Advisory Committee
    Professor Sugata Bose, Harvard University
    Professor Emma Rothschild, Harvard University/ University of Cambridge
    Professor Sunil Amrith, Harvard University
    Jens Boel, Chief Archivist of UNESCO
    Professor Glenda Sluga, University of Sydney

    Thanks to: Ike Achebe, Peter Bacon, Holger Nehring, Megan Rajbanshi, Benjamin Siegel, Mira Siegelberg

  • What is the UN History Project?

    Welcome to the United Nations History Project. The project aims to illustrate the scholarly importance of studying the history of the United Nations and international organizations in general.

    It is a starting point for scholars who wish to research in UN archives or find online materials related to the UN. The website provides comprehensive guides to physical and online sources on the United Nations. It also collates many of the research guides on the United Nations that already exist. In addition, leading scholars on the UN have written about their experiences working in UN archives and discuss further research possibilities.

    The website offers a set of teaching materials for UN history. There are annotated bibliographies, timelines, and featured sources on thirteen major themes of UN history. There are resources from courses taught on the global history of the UN at Harvard in 2015 and 2011 as well as a compilation of other syllabi on UN topics. See more at: http://unhistoryproject.org/teach/.

    The website helps to connect scholars and archivists. It lists scholarly networks for those working on similar topics.

    We warmly welcome contributions relating to archives, scholarly networks, and syllabi in English and other UN languages.

    The project was made possible by the generous support of the United Nations Foundation, and was completed in cooperation with the Harvard Asia Center and the Joint Center for History and Economics.

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